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Recommended Blogs

Hi everyone!  Students will soon be creating their own science-oriented blogs.  In preparation for that semester-long project, we'll start by reviewing some blogs we like.

Students were asked to search for science and engineering or tech blogs online, and to submit their favorites.  Here are the blogs that made the cut:

Bad Astronomy
60-Second Science
GenengNews' Biotech Blog
Atomic Insights
Starts With a Bang
Engineering Ethics
Popular Science's Energy Blog
Time's Ecocentric Blog
Cooking for Engineers
Technology Review's Potential Energy
Science, Culture, and Knowledge
Rare Metal Blog
Wired's The Frontal Cortex
Wired's Genetic Future
National Geographic's Breaking Orbit
IEEE's Optoelectronics
Research Blogging
Nanotechnology Today
Drilling Ahead's Oilfield
Atlantic Geothermal
Wired's Gadget Lab
Big Think's Age of Engagement
Wired's Laelaps
Dean's Corner
Engineering.com's A New Weapon

Some of my favorites include:

Dot Earth
and Roger Pielke, Jr.'s, blog

Next up?  We'll be talking about the explicit and implicit rules of blogging, and what makes for a good blog dealing science and technology.  Stay tuned!

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