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Fukishima Sci Comm I Did Not Expect and That May Be Both Inappropriate, Offensive, and/or Inaccurate but that is Also Funny, Maybe

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If you click through the video actually has subtitles. What I am wondering is if the video is aimed towards children or if it is mean for adults, because it does a good job for children but is kind of insulting if meant for adults.

Carlos, this was exactly the source of dis-ease with the video. I do think it's meant for adults--I think it's an expression of frustration with the public's general misunderstandings about nuclear and radiation.

But if it is for adults, then it's pretty condescending. And it makes me uneasy given that there are workers still at Fukishima, many of whom may become very ill or die as a result of exposures. The relative consequences of this disaster may be quantitatively smaller than that of the tsunami/earthquake, but Fukishima is still to be taken seriously. I'm not sure I can laugh at it yet.

That said, the substance of the video seems sort of correct. So I can't dismiss it altogether. It just seems off somehow.

I was a little curious about the background of this video so I read some stuff about it and I found that it was made for Japanese children to not be afraid of what is going on with the reactors. Also, I think it is important to take into account that this may not be a perfect translation.

Fascinating, Briana. Can you send me the link you found?


I hope this works

Oh, wow. Thanks for this. I have to revise some of my earlier reservations.