10:35 AM

Final Self-Evals and Wrapping Up

Hi everyone!  Apologies for the delay in posting this.  Please remember that this week your goal should be to post any final content posts you need to on your blogs, to write a self-evaluation for evaluation period #3, and to figure out a way to wrap up your blog (if you plan on ending your project).  Here are some things you might include in your final self-evaluation (which doesn't count as a content post):

1.  How many content posts did you complete in the grading period?
2.  How much commenting did you do on others' blogs?
3.  What have you done well?
4.  What could have used improvement?
5.  How has your awareness and practice of science communication changed over the course of the semester?  What do you do differently now compared with at the beginning of the semester?
6.  What specific skills or strategies do you practice that you think have been effective?

If there are other things you'd like to discuss that aren't mentioned here, please include them!  You may post or email me your self eval.

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