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Blog Self-Interview

Please answer the following questions about you and your blog, on your blog.

What is the purpose of this blog?
Who is the imagined audience(s) of this blog?
Have my posts matched up with my purpose/audience?  What/who might I be overlooking in defining my purpose/audience this way?
What can I do to encourage more reader participation with my blog?
How can I expand my audience in this class?  Outside of this class?
How would I characterize the tone of my blog?
What do I hope to get out of writing this blog?
What would I like others to get out of it?
What are the strengths of my blog/my blogging?
What are the weaknesses?
How would I describe my tone?
Have I used a deficit model in my writing, or something else?  How would I know?
How have I characterized (implicitly or explicitly) science, engineering, and/or technology in my blog? 
How have I characterized myself?

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During class you asked if anyone wanted to have their blog singled out and commented. I would like to have people read:
and to watch this movie and comment on the two blogs. I think the film is a good representation of what we are discussing in class and I think it could pose some very good discussion that will lead the rest of the class to show their personal frame choice.