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Wind in Spain

Most of you know that Spain is a world leader in wind energy production.  ecogeek.org reports that on January 6, Spain had 75% of its electricity produced by wind.  Even given that it may have been an ideal day, that's a big number.  You can check out the article here.

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It says that renewable energy provided 75% of the energy, so I think they were using other energies instead of just wind, but still that number seems pretty incredulous. If it is true, then power to them (pun intended). Also, when I saw the source at the bottom of the article, Greenpeace, I was a little weary of the legitimacy of the article because I think they might be a little biased, but regardless, Spain is making big strides towards renewable energies, and that is something to be respected.

I was hoping you would respond, Nick! You read this much more carefully than I--thanks for pointing out these items. They're not inconsequential.


Doing a little research, it looks as though when not peaking, renewable energy resources account for roughly 35% of the power produced in the country. This is mainly hydro and wind power. It seems that wind power will overtake nuclear power in Spain within the next few years, but what I don't see is any economic studies on how much this is costing the country...hmmm

Aaron--an excellent point. In fact, I'm pretty sure Spain's economy is in the crapper at the moment. But it would be difficult to determine how much of that is a result of the general economic meltdown and how much is attributable to ambitious investments in wind.

And, we don't know what will pay off down the road, either...